Everything you need to know in the run-up to the European elections 2024 - from Brussels, Paris and Berlin.

When the citizens of Europe elect the 720 members of the European Parliament from 6-9 June, major changes can be expected in the EU. In the run-up to the European elections 2024, the Jacques Delors Centre and its sister institutes bundle their knowledge: On this page, you can find all publications, podcasts, statements and interviews about the European elections 2024 by the Jacques Delors Centre in Berlin, as well as publications and infographics by the Jacques Delors Institute in Paris and Europe Jacques Delors in Brussels. What discussions will determine the campaigns? What outcomes can be expected? How will the French-German relationships, security policy, EU enlargement and other areas be affected? Read on and find out.


Publications by the Jacques Delors Institute (Paris) & Europe Jacques Delors (Brussels)


Podcast EU to go

Backlash or green light? What voters want in terms of climate policy

In the forty-first episode of the EU to go podcast, Jannik Jansen and Nils Redeker present the results of their recently published survey on the climate policy preferences of European voters in conversation Thu Nguyen. They explain whether the popular narrative of a "green backlash" is actually reflected in the voters' responses and what the results mean for the election campaign before the European elections and the future climate policy of the EU.

Europe in the super election year - What to expect?

In the thirty-ninth episode of the EU to go podcast, Thu Nguyen and Johannes Lindner look at Europe in the super election year 2024. They analyse what's still on the agenda before the European election in June 2024, how the predicted shift to the right in EU can be confronted and what will happen in Brussels after the election.




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