Jacques Delors Centre


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The crises of the last decade have shaken the European Union to its core. At stake are not merely political choices but the architecture of the EU as a whole. Through the emergence of a new cleavage opposing proponents of international openness and national seclusion in many European societies, there is a real risk of a lose-lose situation in which European solutions are no longer accepted and national solutions no longer working.

Our academic research team at the Jacques Delors Centre tries to understand past choices and future challenges regarding this dilemma. Our research explores theoretical lenses and practical solutions which transcend the standard dividing lines between supranational power and intergovernmental coordination. Instead, we explore new ways of thinking about a differentiated and multi-faceted polity which has achieved massive integration despite massive contestation and has entered the realm of core state powers without engaging in federal state-building.

The Hertie School's EU research builds on a vibrant and expanding research community. Our team comprises researchers on all career stages, from PhD students over post-doctoral researchers to our distinguished faculty. In the future, it is our objective to become a prime hub to gather the most original minds in EU studies. To this end, we offer a high-ranking colloquium series, flexible possibilities for visiting researchers from the junior to the senior level and career opportunities for early-career researchers.