Debunking the Backlash - Uncovering European Voters' Climate Preferences

The notion of a broad green backlash is set to dominate this year's European election campaign. Based on new survey data from more than 15.000 respondents in Germany, France and Poland, we show that it is largely overblown. A majority of voters still wish for a more ambitious climate policy and would support a raft of concrete measures to bring down emissions. However, supporting pivotal voters in the middle will require a stronger focus on green investment and industrial policy and offsetting measures for effective but unpopular policies like carbon pricing. Parties should not waste the coming months outbidding each other over how to cater to imagined climate fatigue but compete over concrete recipes to green the economy.

The entire survey data used for the Policy Brief is accessible through an interactive dashboard. Please note: Depending on your internet connection, loading the dashboard can take up to 2 minutes.

Climate Survey Dashboard



Photo: CC Markus Spiske, Source: Unsplash