The tools for protecting the EU budget from breaches of the rule of law: the Conditionality Regulation in context

The rule of law conditionality mechanism entered into force in January 2021. It allows the EU to take measures in cases of breaches of the rule of law principles that affect or seriously risk affecting the sound financial management of the EU budget or the EU’s financial interests in a sufficiently direct way. In this study, commissioned by the European Parliament, Thu Nguyen and her co-authors discuss the potential scope of application of this new mechanism. In particular, it analyses how it can be used either as an alternative to, or in combination with, other tools and mechanisms aimed at protecting the EU’s financial interests. 

This study for the European Parliament was published on 5 May 2023 and is co-authored by the Jacques Delors Cente's Senior Policy Fellow Thu Nguyen together with Eulalia Rubio (Institut Jacques Delors) Tamás Kiss-Gálfalvi (CEPS), Tomás Ruiz de la Ossa (CEPS), Francesco Corti (CEPS) and Alba Forns Gómez (CEPS).  

You may download the full study here and find a 2-page summary here

Photo: CC Brandi Redd, Source: Unsplash