Pushed by the pandemic: Shaping Europe’s relations with China

The coronavirus crisis accentuates many of the existing tensions in EU-China relations. While some see China’s economic rebound as a main factor in Europe’s own recovery, the crisis will also harden the country’s adherence to a state-led development model, further reduce its willingness to level the playing field and intensify big power competition with the U.S. In their policy paper, Nils Redeker and Anna Stahl argue that the EU should not overestimate its dependencies on China and take a robust stance in ongoing negotiations, for example regarding the Comprehensive Investment Agreement. Moreover, the EU should further strengthen its ability to counter the distorting effects of Chinese economic practices and step up efforts to shield itself from the negative repercussions of the geo-economic rivalry between China and the U.S.


Image: Lubo Minar, Source: Unsplash