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Yann Wernert comments on President Macron’s postponed state visit to Germany with Reuters

The postponed visit highlighted the unrest’s impact on Macron's ability to conduct foreign policy, our Policy Fellow said in an interview with Reuters.  

French President Emmanuel Macron cancelled the state visit to Germany that was to begin on Sunday, 2 July 2023, as nationwide riots erupted over the police killing of a teen.  

"The state visit can be made up for later, but the violent protests and the reactions to them also show how charged the political mood in France is at the moment," Yann Wernert said. 

This interview first appeared on Reuters and was also picked up by numerous international media outlets, such as Agência Brasil or Kontan Online

You can read the complete article here.  

Contributions in Les Echos and Radio France Internationale highlighted the aims and details of the state visit that was meanwhile cancelled.