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Professor Mark Dawson writes on EU Treaty reform in Verfassungsblog

The debate on Treaty reform since the Conference on the Future of Europe has been quite pessimistic. But in this blog post Professor Mark Dawson argues that this pessimism is not well-founded. 

In this piece, Mark Dawson argues that "Treaty reform in the EU is the exception rather than the rule," and that Treaty reform is therefore not only possible, but actually in the national interest of member states. To make this argument, Dawson relies on four primary perspectives: enlargement, integration by 'stealth,' subsidiary and re-balancing power, and the substantive shadow of the Treaties. Each of these perspectives, he argues, provide a natural opportunity for Treaty reform that benefits EU member states in a variety of ways. 

Mark Dawson: The National Case for Reforming the EU Treaties, VerfBlog, 2023/5/16, https://verfassungsblog.de/the-national-case-for-reforming-the-eu-treaties/