Podcast EU to go - Global player or fair play? The European industrial strategy

In eighth eighth epsiode Thu Nguyen talks to Nils Redeker and Anke Obendiek about the new European industrial strategy.

Once a month, our moderator Dr. Thu Nguyen looks at the bigger picture behind EU news with one of our experts from the Jacques Delors Centre. In 20-30 minutes, we talk about the background of a current topic and present concrete ideas for the future. 

In this epidsode, Nils Redeker and Anke Obendiek, the two experts on economic and digital policy explain what industrial policy actually means and what goals the EU is pursuing with its new strategy. They take a critical look at the geopolitical ambitions of the industrial strategy: What consequences does the focus on competition with the United States and China have for the economic inequality in the EU and a democratic digital space? Is the EU in danger of neglecting the rules of fair play on its way to becoming a global player?

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