Podcast EU to go: Europe's energy-intensive industry: fit for the future or lagging behind?

In the thirty-seventh episode of the EU to go podcast, host Thu Nguyen discusses with Philipp what energy-intensive industry actually means, the challenges it faces and what options the EU has for moving forward.

Industry is an important pillar of the European economy, but high energy prices and the rising costs of the green transformation are presenting energy-intensive companies in particular with ever greater challenges. In an interview with Thu Nguyen, our climate and energy policy expert Philipp Jäger talks about precisely these challenges. He explains what constitutes energy-intensive industry, how important it is for Germany and other EU member states such as France, and what options the EU has for moving forward.

In this episode of "EU to go", you can find out what industrial policy measures could be introduced at European level, how high the risk of deindustrialization is, and how rising prices could be avoided despite the green transformation.

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