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Nils Redeker recommends targeted EU industrial policy in Europe.Table

In an interview with Europe.Table, our Deputy Director explains how Europe should react to the US Inflation Reduction Act.  

One year ago, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the United States' multi-billion subsidy package for green technologies, came into force. For a European response to the programme, Nils Redeker advises not to copy it directly, but to "focus on sectors where we already have a foot in the door or where there is still technological potential for development." 

The next EU Commission must find a better answer to the industrial policy challenge, he says. "In the medium term, we cannot solve the problem through national subsidies alone. To protect the internal market from economic divergence and unfair competition, we need coordination and funding at EU level," Redeker concluded.  

You can find the full article (in German) here