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Johannes Lindner and Nils Redeker argue why Germany needs a Europe-Pact in Handelsblatt

In their op-ed, the Jacques Delors Centre Co-Director and Deputy Director explain why Germany should refocus on the EU single market.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz recently presented a new “Germany-Pact” to advance the country, following media reporting that has portrayed Germany as the “sick man of Europe” due to its waning economy.   

However, as Jacques Delors Centre Co-Director Johannes Lindner and Deputy Director Nils Redeker observe in an op-ed in Handelsblatt, Europe does not play a big role in this pact. “From energy and industrial policy to export orientation and bureaucracy reduction, Germany needs a new growth model. To achieve this, the Federal Republic is more dependent than ever on Europe,” Redeker and Lindner argue.

The authors recommend that Germany "develop an overall strategy for modernising the country and Europe and coordinate it closely with the other member states – especially France – and the EU institutions."

Read the full article (in German) here.