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In an interview with ARD, Policy Fellow Philipp Jäger speaks on the EU Nature Restoration Law

Philipp Jäger emphasises that the EPP’s approach to the legislation is heavily influenced by the upcoming European Parliament elections 

The European Green Deal has thus far been supported also by members of centre-right parties across the continent, with Commission President Ursula von der Leyen of the European People's Party (EPP) leading the movement. However, the current negotiations around the Nature Restoration Law make it clear that the EPP is willing to no longer support the Green Deal, at least in parts. According to Philipp Jäger, this is due in part to the upcoming European Parliament elections, as the EPP is trying to "pull certain groups of voters to its side" of which the most important is the "strong and influential agricultural lobby." At the same time, Jäger argues, by taking a critical stance on the Green Deal, the EPP hopes to appeal to broader groups of voters who are not willing to shoulder personal burdens from climate measures. 

Watch the full interview here.  

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