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Europe.Table profiles Deputy Director Nils Redeker

November 2022, Berlin, Jacques Delors Center Portraits

The portrait highlights Nils Redeker as an optimist and translator, working to forge a stronger connection between Brussels and Berlin. 

In his work as Deputy Director of the Jacques Delors Centre, Nils Redeker works to bridge the gap between Brussels and Berlin, helping to elucidate the political and policy dimensions of actions taken by actors in both capitals. “I also see myself as a 'translator' between the different levels in Europe,” Redeker says in the interview. "Many underestimate how important such translation work is by us non-politicians," Redeker says. "We can appear credible, without an agenda, and mediate between the players." Through his work, Redeker provides the German government and European Union with policy advice on economic policy issues.  

"There is nothing more pointless than a cynical think tanker,” Redeker adds in the interview, highlighting the importance of optimism and a forward-looking perspective to the work that he does. “As experts in European policy, we have to try to surf very close to the political wave and have the answers ready even before the questions are asked by politicians.” 

You can read the full profile here.