Conflict and Transformation: Essays on European Legal Policy

In this volume Christian Joerges brings together contributions that document and examine developments, bottlenecks, successes and failures of the European project and its current critical state. He begins with analyses of the relationship between law and politics and addresses the entire spectrum of European law with a critical-social reformist intent. The title is a reference to the conceptual history and dynamics of the integration process: conflicts and transformations have caused and determined a permanent change of form on the way from an initially inconspicuous community to a politicized union, which has become increasingly important and yet cannot be sure of its future. The law of this process can be adequately understood only as a conflict-of-laws law; Europe must find its constitution in a conflict-of-laws form. The work on this law must keep its changeful development in mind. In doing so, it must not forget the legacy of its starting point, which is inseparably linked to Germany's past guilt.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Chrisitan Joerges. 2022. Konflikt und Transformation: Essays zur Europäischen RechtspolitikZentrum für europäische Rechtspolitik, Universität Bremen. 

Photo: CC Heather Wilde, Source: Unsplash