Web conference

Rebuilding Europe after Corona: What can France and Germany do?

Video statements by French and German Ministers

Statements: Olaf Scholz, Minister of Finance, Bruno Le Maire, Minister of State for European Affairs, Jens Spahn, Federal Minister of Health, Amélie de Montchalin, former Secretary of State for European Affairs & Michael Roth, Minister of State for Europe

What is the event about?

Initial reactions to the Corona crisis in Europe were predominantly national. Borders within Europe have been closed and each member state took its own decisions in reaction to the novel challenge of the pandemic. After a lack of cooperation in the beginning, France and Germany joint forces and issued a proposal on economic recovery and the European Union’s future after the pandemic. Is the Franco-German motor running again? How can France and Germany foster cooperation in the European Union?

To address these questions, the Hertie School and Sciences Po Paris organised the web conference entitled “Rebuilding Europe after Corona: What can France and Germany do?”. The conference is the kick-off event for a Franco-German dialogue series funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and carried out by the Hertie School’s Jacques Delors Centre. The series seeks to enhance Franco-German cooperation in line with the aims of the Aachen Treaty.

Under the label “Research meets Politics” this element of the series promotes the exchange of views between renowned experts and high-level policymakers from both countries. The panellists will discuss economic and institutional responses to pandemic and exchange lessons learned from a national and European perspective. 

Quotes by the speakers

Impressions of the web conference with quotes from the panelists

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