Podcast EU to go: Time for a new migration diplomacy

In the thirtieth episode of the EU to go podcast, Thu Nguyen and Lucas Rasche analyse the outcome of last week’s European Council on migration and discuss how the EU can revise its migration diplomacy. 

The number of people seeking protection in the EU is at a new record high. Migration was therefore back on the agenda as EU leaders met for a special European Council on 9 and 10 February. In their conclusions, EU heads of state agreed to tighten controls along the EU’s external border and increase the number of returns through negative incentives for third countries.  

In this episode, Lucas Rasche and Thu Nguyen discuss whether EU money will now directly fund border fences, how likely it is that the proposed measures will increase the number of returns and explore how the EU can and should revise its migration diplomacy with transit and origin countries.  

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