Podcast EU to go - EU Future Conference: Now what?

Manuel Müller, founder of the blog "der europäische Förderalist" and Thu Nguyen from the Jacques Delors Centre discuss the results and reform proposals of the conference on the future of Europe.

At the Conference on the Future of Europe, 800 citizens spent a year discussing the future of Europe. The result was 49 demands at different levels - from small self-evident things to big issues such as the right of the EU Parliament to propose laws in the future. But where do we go from here? Is after the Future Conference before the future? Is the big reform push really coming or will all that remain in the end be hot air? Deputy Director Nils Redeker discusses the results and ambitious reform proposals with Thu Nguyen, expert on EU institutions and democracy, and Manuel Müller, founder of the blog der europäische Förderalist. One thing seems clear to everyone: Europe needs reform.  The two guests explain in a nutshell what needs to happen to ensure that these proposals do not evaporate and who is best placed to push them.

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