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Jannik Jansen talks to El País about the link between economic uncertainty and loss of trust in democratic institutions

Our Policy Fellow underlines that while the economic situation is not the only reason for the rise of right-wing populism, reducing fears of losing social status will be critical to contain it.  

In the interview, Jansen expresses the need for politicians to carefully adjust measures as inflation is slowly decreasing but prices will remain elevated for the near future, particularly affecting Central and Eastern European member states. “Persistent economic insecurity and fears of losing social status can undermine trust in political institutions in low- and middle-income households,” Jansen says.  

Further, the multiple crises following the pandemic have created economic insecurities across European societies, which according to Jansen could provide dangerous breeding grounds for the growth of right-wing populist parties. While attributing their success solely to the economic situation would be a mistake, Jansen highlights the importance of reducing fears of loss of social status to counteract the rise of such parties in Europe. 

You can read the full article (in Spanish) here and the Policy Brief on the topic here.