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Germany needs a comprehensive innovation strategy, says Anke Hassel

In an op-ed in Wirtschaftswoche, the Professor of Public Policy urges Germany to look to its European neighbours.

According to Hertie School Professor of Public Policy Anke Hassel and Maik Bohne of Das Progressive Zentrum, Germany’s current innovation policy lacks a comprehensive strategy. In an op-ed in Wirtschaftswoche, the scholars say the country should stop looking to the US and China for inspiration as their initiatives do not fit the “European ecosystem”. Instead, Germany should learn from its Dutch and Swedish neighbours, which have both implemented robust innovation strategies and infrastructure.

To jumpstart innovation, the authors recommend that the German government take three steps:

  • clarify the mission-oriented innovation policy that has already been outlined with the Future Strategy for Research and Innovation and launch it with a concrete pilot project;
  • appoint a special commissioner or committee for innovation that has a robust mandate and budget;
  • and give the federal agency for disruptive innovations more sway in Germany’s innovative landscape. 

In their view, these steps could be carried out in the current legislative period and would at least partially compensate for the weaknesses in Germany’s innovation policy.

Read the full article on Wirtschaftswoche (in German).

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