Podcast EU to go - New bank crashes: How crisis-proof are Europe's banks?

In the thirty-second episode of the EU to go podcast, Thu Nguyen and Sebastian Mack discuss how European banks are faring, what has been done so far in terms of crisis prevention, and where the EU should step it up a notch.  

“No taxpayers’ money for bank bailouts” was the promise after the 2008 financial crisis, but the bankruptcies of the Silicon Valley Bank in the US and Crédit Suisse in Switzerland are now triggering new concerns about how safe the banking system in the EU really is and whether this promise can actually be kept.  

In this episode, Thu Nguyen talks to Sebastian Mack, expert on financial markets, about the risks of a new banking meltdown in the EU: What has the EU learned from previous crises and what role does the completion of the banking union play in making the European banking system more resilient?  


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