Research Project

Jean Monnet Network: The Politics of the European Semester

The project builds on an international network of high-level universities and a transnational team of scholars studying the economic and political effects of the European Semester. The European Semester is a process designed to ensure the implementation of the EU’s rules for balanced budgets and economic policies, which is backed by sanctions. As it has become increasingly clear, introduction of the single currency not only produced convergence, it has also produced divergence across member states’ economies. Economists have frequently identified these economic imbalances as the root cause of Europe’s woes. The European Semester sits at the heart of the many initiatives designed to address these economic imbalances and incoherent policies.

Project goals

  • creating a long-term network of scholars
  • producing scholarly research within this network
  • mentoring graduate students and early-stage career scholars
  • creating undergraduate learning opportunities on the political economy of the euro area
  • producing policy briefs for policymakers and non-academic practitioners involved with economic and monetary union (EMU)
  • creating a dedicated online portal for European Semester research, op-eds, and news items

Academic network

  • University of Victoria (Canada): Paul Schure, Valerie D’Erman, Daniel Schulz
  • Università di Pisa (Italy): Pompeo Della Posta
  • Universidad Católica (Portugal): Ricardo Reis, Francisco Torres
  • Leiden University (Netherlands): Amy Verdun

Involved Hertie researchers