Turning point Corona crisis? German preferences on the European Integration of core state powers since Maastricht.

Did the Covid-19 crisis prompt a turn in German EU policy? Investigating the long-term development of German preferences on the European integration of core state powers, the authors found striking continuity. German governments persistently seek to minimise their costs from and maximise their control over integration. Consequently, they back supranational capacity-building primarily as a last resort in existential systemic crises. The Corona recovery fund, which is temporary and placed under intergovernmental control, is in line with this general long-term preference and does little to alleviate the structural flaws of the Euro area, says the authors.

Christian Freudlsperger and Markus Jachtenfuchs (2021). Wendepunkt Corona-Krise? Deutsche Präferenzen zur europäischen Integration staatlicher Kerngewalten seit Maastricht. Viertelsjahreszeitschrift des Instituts für Europäische Politik, Volume 44, p. 81-96. 

Image: CC Patrick Federi, Source: Unsplash