Tax me if you can – The taxation of digital businesses in the EU

The proper taxation of digital companies has become a top policy issue in 2017 and is expected to gather even more steam throughout 2018. In this blog post, Paul-Jasper Dittrich and Pola Schneemelcher take a step back and assess the European debate and the main challenges ahead: The current discussion might fall short as it is mainly lead in the context of tax evasion and regulating American tech giants. Since digitalisation infuses each and every aspect of society, numerous of today’s business models will be or are already digitalized. Thus, a ring-fenced approach to answer the challenges that digitalisation puts on current tax rules is not enough. 

Paul-Jasper Dittrich is Advisor at the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development, he formally worked for the Jacques Delors Centre.


Image: CC c_ck_k, source: flickr