EU and Greece: Changing frames and pursuing the Odyssey

Jacques Delors, Pascal Lamy, and António Vitorino take their position on the evolution of relations between the EU and Greece by calling for the pursuit of the Odyssey with Athens in a tribune published by numerous media outlets.

They invite actors and observers to “change frames and pursue the Odyssey”, highlighting that:
– emerging from the current crisis demands first and foremost that a complete change of outlook take root inGreece itself, making a clean break with the last forty years;
 We must not look at Greece only through the IMF’s microscope but also through the United Nations’ binoculars, in order to preserve the geopolitical – not just financial – stability of Europe.
 It is up to the EU to play its part to the full in that reconstruction process by offering Greece a comprehensive plan including financial support and assessment of the weight of the debt.

They conclude by highlighting that it is because the Greeks and Europeans may look towards a future which out of necessity a shared future that will be better for all that they will be able to find a compromise.

This tribune was published in the following 20 media outlets: In-Cyprus (Cyprus), Euractiv.pl (Poland),Euractiv.sk (Slovakia), Euractiv.cz (Czech Republic), Euractiv.com.tr (Turkey), Euractiv.comFinancial Times (USA), Financial Times (United Kingdom), Handelsblatt (Germany), NRC Handelsblad(Netherlands), Jutarnji List (Croatia), Luxembourger (Luxembourg), Malta Today (Malta), Le Monde(France), Publico (Portugal), La Repubblica (Italy), Le Soir (Belgium), Le Temps (Switzerland), La Vanguardia (Spain), To Vima (Greece), The World Post.

Jacques Delors served as President to the European Commission and is the founding father of the Jacques Delors Centre.

António Vitorino is Director General of the International Organisation for Migration, he formally worked as an EU Commissioner.

Pascal Lamy is the President of the Advisory Board of the Jacques Delors Centre, he formally served as the Director General of the WTO.

Image: CC Alang7™, source: flickr.com