After Greek Deal: 3 Dangers & 3 Opportunities

After the tough negotiations with Greece, our Presidents, Henrik Enderlein and Gerhard Cromme, analyze the dangers and opportunities resulting from the agreement for a strengthening of the EMU. They identify notably the risks of complacency, the start of a blaming game, and of “fiddling about” in the absence of a long-term strategy and a political vision of the EMU. However, this agreement could also prove to be a basis for intelligent reforms that push to revisit European fiscal policy, and to reinforce investment and integration. This tribune calls for greater Franco-German cooperation in order to finally realize the historic goal of completing the EMU.

Jacques Delors served as President to the European Commission and is the founding father of the Jacques Delors Centre.

António Vitorino is Director General of the International Organisation for Migration, he formally worked as an EU Commissioner.

Pascal Lamy is the President of the Advisory Board of the Jacques Delors Centre, he formally served as the Director General of the WTO.

Dr. Gerhard Cromme is president and member of the supervisory board of several German companies, he formally worked for Thyssen Krupp.