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Follow Up: EU to go spezial. Digital, Productive, European?

Topic on 13.12.: EU to go spezial: Industrial policy: digital, productive, European? 

“Industrial policy: digital, productive, European?” – was the title of the latest version of “EU to go spezial”, which took place at the Q-Club in Berlin on 13 December 2019. During this event, which was organised by the Jacques Delors Centre and Bertelsmann Stiftung, our experts presented their proposals on how the new European Commission can shape European industrial policy over the coming years.

Nils Redeker gave an introductory statement on the term industrial policy, pointing out that it does not have one single definition, but is used in numerous ways to describe very different things. Focussing on potential policy objectives, Redeker specifically emphasized the need to use industrial policy to ensure that nobody is left behind by structural economic change and to secure Europe’s economic sovereignty in a changing geopolitical environment. Furthermore, he presented key findings of his latest paper “Unlocking Europe’s piggy bank” on corporate savings, labour power and policies for investment. Based on new empirical evidence, Redeker proposes a novel strategy to bring down savings and stimulate investment: by strengthening the bargaining position of employees. 

Paul-Jasper Dittrich subsequently took over to present key findings of his latest research on “Tackling the spread of disinformation” on social media platforms in the EU and discussed possible regulatory approaches to tackle this problem. Regarding the way forward, Dittrich provided arguments in favour of a multi-stakeholder co-regulatory approach spearheaded by the EU Commission instead of the current self-regulatory approach or direct regulation. 

In summary, our experts concluded that higher private investments and platform regulation are two spheres that should be among the highest priorities for the new European Commission to engineer economic growth across Europe.

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