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With DPA, Lucas Rasche comments on the summit decision of the European Council on migration

In an interview, our Policy Fellow criticises the agreement of the European heads of state to tighten asylum and migration policies, which also provides for increased pressure on third countries. 

Rasche assesses the adopted measure of financing border facilities as "an expression of the failure of European asylum policy". The summit also shows how much the interests of member states have shifted, he said. A few years ago, there would probably not have been unanimous agreement that EU funds should be used for comprehensive border protection, according to Rasche.

On the other hand, in his latest policy brief, Lucas Rasche recommends how a new European migration diplomacy should look like, arguing that the EU should consider migration part of its wider geopolitical ambition and better balance priorities in cooperating with third countries. 

The interview with the German Press Agency was taken up by several German media outlets, including ZEIT ONLINE, Westdeutsche Zeitung, Fränkische Landeszeitung, Aachener Zeitung and Ostfriesen Zeitung.