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With Deutsche Welle, Policy Fellow Lucas Rasche discusses the EU’s plans to finance new border infrastructure

In this news story, Lucas Rasche says that the definition of ‘solidarity’ within the EU has changed drastically in recent years.  

In 2022, the number of asylum seekers entering the EU was 50% higher than in the previous year. This figure does not include the over four million Ukrainians who have entered the Union and do not need to request asylum. Due to this high number of incoming migration, “the situation in many countries is tense” right now, according to Lucas Rasche. He attributes the high number of migrants last year to the war in Ukraine and continued insecurity in Afghanistan and Syria, where the most asylum applications are from.  

Rasche goes on to discuss the proposal for “Adaptable Solidarity” which has come out of the Swedish EU Presidency, in which “the co-financing of border facilities [can be interpreted] as a symbol of solidarity.” According to Rasche, this proposal shows “very well how this debate has shifted in recent years, and how much the focus has evolved from solidarity as a common sharing of responsibility into solidarity as a common border security.” 

Watch the full documentary (in Spanish)  here.