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Thu Nguyen discusses the rule of law proceedings against Hungary in Deutschlandfunk

In an interview with Deutschlandfunk, Thu Nguyen assesses the rule of law mechanism and its implications moving forward. 

Thu Nguyen explains that the EU's decision to implement the rule of law mechanism on Hungary should be viewed as a postitive sign "because the EU has shown this year that it is willing and able to actually use the instruments that are available to uphold the rule of law." 

However, despite this positive reading, Thu Nguyen is not convinced that the rule of law conflict will be solved soon as "this would require very far-reaching reforms, especially in Poland and Hungary, and it will only become clear in 2023 whether the instruments used this year are actually effective." In addition, it is possible that the issue of conflicts over rule of law may expand in the future, as "there is growing concern that problems with the rule of law could also intensify in other countries, as is now the case in Italy with the new government."

Listen to the full discussion (in German) here