Podcast EU to go: The struggle over the rule of law: showdown in the European Council?

In the twenty-eighth episode of the EU to go podcast, Nils Redeker talks to Thu Nguyen about the current rule of law procedures against Hungary. They discuss which scenarios are now possible and what they would mean for the credibility of the EU and the future of the unanimity principle.     

In the coming days, the EU will decide whether to release or block billions of EU funds for Hungary despite the Orban government's ongoing rule of law breaches. Not only is a lot of money at stake from the European cohesion funds and the EU recovery instrument. Given the current economic troubles, the Hungarian government also is in dire need of this money. The EU thus has leverage to enforce its standards against corruption and an independent judiciary.

Nevertheless, at a meeting last week, EU finance ministers could not agree on the Commission's proposal for suspension. But why are certain member states resisting? What does it mean for the EU as a value-based community if it buckles before Hungary? And what arguments does Hungary have up its sleeve that make this decision so difficult? 

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