The New Arab - Libya's peace summit in Berlin promised to improve conditions for migrants. Is that even possible?

Policy Fellow of the Jacques Delors Centre Lucas Rasche welcomed the action by participants at the Libya Peace Summit in Berlin to close migrant detention centres in Libya, though he is cautious about its implementation.

Libya's peace summit in Berlin brought together all concerned parties in Libya in order to commit to a process of political settlement. The conference in Berlin is seen as a first step in a political process towards peace, yet many criticise that the different factions have no interest in ending the conflict. "The Berlin conference was a diplomatic success, but it's too early to say how much it can actually change things for migrants and refugees in Libya, the ceasefire is an opportunity to improve their situation besides that of Libyans" says Policy Fellow Lucas Rasche in The New Arab.

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Picture: CC kalhh, Source: Pixabay