Tagesspiegel - Does a tax on data make sense?

A commentary from Pola Schneemelcher in the Der Tagesspiegel

At the Global Solutions Conference in preparation of the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires, Chancellor Angela Merkel raised the issue of the financial value of data and resulting challenges. She invited researchers to focus ideas on reforms on “the price of data”, or what she called the “central problem of justice.” The German newspaper Tagesspiegel paraphrased expert Pola Schneemelcher’s comment, saying that any solution must be international. For the effective implementation of a future tax on data, the international tax system was to be be reformed. In the development of a reform, the gradual disappearance of the “non-digital economy” should not be forgotten. The researcher of the Jacques Delors Institut - Berlin called the “Digital Service Tax”, proposed by the European Commission, “short-sighted.”

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