Spiegel - Council meeting: “Heads of State refuse to work”

Lucas Guttenberg sharply criticises the results of the recent video conference of the European Council in Der Spiegel.

It was already the fourth video conference of the EU heads of state and government addressing the corona crisis. But the results remained scarce, as Lucas Guttenberg criticises in Der Spiegel. The Council waved through a package from the Eurogroup and instructed the Commission to draft a reconstruction fund, but avoided to discuss common debts. Guttenberg sees the online summit as a "refusal to work on the part of the heads of state and government". Now there is a danger "that the urgently needed agreement on an instrument to overcome this crisis will be lost in the general dispute over the EU's next financial framework", the Vice-President of the Jacques Delors Centre is quoted.

Full article in German here

Image: CC Waldemar Brandt, Source: Unsplash