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Policy Fellow Yann Wernert comments on Franco-German divergence in energy policy in Les Echos

France and Germany continue to stand opposed to one another on several key energy issues, but a common approach should be sought.

Although Macron and Scholz signed a joint declaration at the 60th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty in January, a common Franco-German position has yet to be found on many crucial issues, chief among them European energy policy, where the two countries do not see eye-to-eye.

According to Yann Wernert this Franco-German disagreement is most stark in the issue of the future of nuclear energy. “It is above all nuclear power that remains the bone of contention between the two countries,” he says in the article. He goes on to recommend that France and Germany attempt to find a common approach where desires overlap: “the complementarity of the respective preferences could also be underlined.”

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