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Podcast: Has the EU risen to the challenges of COVID-19?

Henrik Enderlein discusses the EU's preparations for a recovery fund in a European Council on Foreign Relations podcast.

In a European Council on Foreign Relations podcast hosted by Mark Leonard on 24 April 2020, Hertie School President Henrik Enderlein and head of ECFR’s Berlin Office Jana Puglierin discuss the results of the previous days's virtual European Council meeting.

In view of economic challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, EU member states debated what a recovery package could entail. In the ECFR podcast, guests discuss the expectations for and conclusion of the meeting, what happened to the recent weeks' coronabonds discussion, and Germany’s take on French President Emmanuel Macron’s vision and way forward for Europe.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Macron had described the challenge for Europe: “We are at a moment of truth which is to decide whether the European Union is a political project or just a market project. I think it’s a political project… We need financial transfers and solidarity, if only so that Europe holds on.”

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