Podcast EU to go - Schengen in (Corona) crisis

Just before summer holiday, Thu Nguyen talks to Daniel Schade, Visiting Assistant Professor at Cornell University, about travel restrictions in the Schengen area during the Corona pandemic.

Freedom of goods, supply chain disruptions, travel restrictions - the Corona pandemic made it clear how important freedom of travel is within the EU. Thu Nguyen talks to Daniel Schade about the challenges of the Schengen Agreement and the consequences of travel restrictions during the Corona pandemic. Especially in exceptional situations, the European continent comes to a standstill. Is Schengen the symptom of a larger political crisis in the EU? What role does Germany play in the Schengen crisis - pioneer or rather culprit? Shortly before the summer holidays, Daniel Schade explains what exactly lies behind the idea of the Schengen Agreement and what challenges the agreement entails.

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