Podcast EU to go - Money, Money Money - New Fiscal Rules for Europe

In the twenty-fifth episode of the EU to go podcast, Philippa Sigl-Glöckner from Dezernat Zukunft and Nils Redeker from the Jacques Delors Centre discuss the reform of the European fiscal rules.

"Three numbers and two arms." This is how Nils Redeker describes the basic pillars of the European fiscal rules, which determine how much debt EU member states are allowed to incur. Due to the pandemic and the economic consequences of the Russian attack on Ukraine, these rules are suspended until 2024. But as early as October, the EU Commission wants to present a proposal on how to proceed with European fiscal policy moving forward. In this episode, Thu Nguyen discusses the reform of the EU fiscal rules with Philippa Sigl-Glöckner, Director of the think tank Dezernat Zukunft, and Nils Redeker, Deputy Director of the Jacques Delors Centre. Why are the current rules no longer up to date and where do they actually come from? What reform proposals are there and what do they mean politically? What is the German government's position on this issue? Both guests agree: continuing as before is not an option.

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