Podcast EU to go - Modell Moria?

In the fifth episode of our German podcast series EU to go, Thu Nguyen and Lucas Rasche delve deep into the problems for and solutions of EU migration politics.

Once a month, our moderator Dr. Thu Nguyen looks at the bigger picture behind EU news with one of our experts from the Jacques Delors Centre. In 20-30 minutes, we talk about the background of a current topic and present concrete ideas for the future. 

Even after the fire in September 2020, the Moria camp on Lesbos remains a symbol of the failure of European migration politics. With its "New Pact" reform package, the Commission wants to prevent a second Moria at all costs. Thu Nguyen talks to our migration expert Lucas Rasche about why this could go wrong and what alternative solutions there are in the fifth episode.


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