Podcast EU to go - Do we need to talk?

In this episode of our podcast series EU to go, Lucas Guttenberg talks to Thu Nguyen and Diego Velazquet about the conference on the future of Europe.

Once a month, our moderator Dr. Thu Nguyen looks at the bigger picture behind EU news with one of our experts from the Jacques Delors Centre. In 20-30 minutes, we talk about the background of a current topic and present concrete ideas for the future. 

Climate, digitalisation, inequality, democracy - the conference on the future of Europe is supposed to be about the really big questions. But is the conference really suitable for bringing new momentum into a cumbersome reform process? Do we need to talk - or is it not rather up to the governments of the member states to finally act? In the ninth episode of EU to go, Lucas Guttenberg takes over as moderator and discusses the potential of the conference with Thu Nguyen and journalist Diego Velazquez.

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