Podcast EU to go - Biden and the EU - A return of the West?

In our new German Podcast series EU to go, we offer you sharp, concise analyses of current EU politics

Once a month, our moderator Dr. Thu Nguyen looks at the bigger picture behind EU news with one of our experts from the Jacques Delors Centre. In 20-30 minutes, we talk about the background of a current topic and present concrete ideas for the future. 

Almost exactly one month after the US presidential election, Thu Nguyen talks to Nils Redeker and Anna Stahl in the third episode of "EU to go - The Podcast for European Politics" about the importance of Joe Biden's election for the EU. What is the current state of transatlantic relations?  Can we talk of a return of the West after four years of Trump? With the transition to the Biden administration, the first personal details of the new government have been announced. These point to a new tone in the White House, with a clear commitment to multilateralism. But will the course in the White House also change, or just the tone? After all, issues like trade policy or relations with China in particular remain controversial in transatlantic relations.