Podcast EU to go - Everything will be different: The pandemic and EU economic governance

In the seventh episode of our German podcast series EU to go, Thu Nguyen talsk to Lucas Guttenberg and Ole Funke about how the pandemic changes EU economic governance.

Once a month, our moderator Dr. Thu Nguyen looks at the bigger picture behind EU news with one of our experts from the Jacques Delors Centre. In 20-30 minutes, we talk about the background of a current topic and present concrete ideas for the future. 

On 25 March more than a year after the corona pandemic began, the Bundestag approved the recovery instrument for an economic stabilisation of the European Union.  But what exactly does this mean for the future of European economic and fiscal policy? Lucas Guttenberg and Ole Funke from the Federal Ministry of Finance talk to Thu Nguyen about the long-term changes that the short-term recovery instrument will entail. Can a unique instrument like the recovery instrument turn the whole existing EU fiscal policy upside down? Which unresolved questions arise for the fiscal policy debate in the EU? Both guests agree that the instrument must now also be used responsibly so that we are sustainably prepared in future crises.


Our guest Ole Funke works in the Federal Ministry of Finance on fundamental issues of European policy.

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