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On NDR radio, Johannes Lindner comments on Franco-German relations in the energy crisis

The Jacques Delors Centre Co-Director speaks about Scholz and Macron's recent meeting in Paris amidst the energy crisis. 

The Franco-German dispute over differences in approach to the energy crisis has been discussed heavily in the media in recent weeks, with many arguing that this indicates a fundamental divide over the wider goals of each government. However, in this interview with NDR, Johannes Lindner argues that "we should not overestimate the current dispute" as both the French and German governments are "pro-European in principle" and have many shared goals, both nationally and on the European level. 

However, the energy crisis has certainly highlighted some tension between European governments. Thus far, both France and Germany have taken "national approaches and national strategies" regarding energy. To address the current crisis, Germany has focussed on obtaining alternatives to Russian gas and France on their nuclear power. However, Lindner suggests that this focus should change, and that "energy and energy policy should be thought of in a European manner". 

Listen to the full interview here

Lindner’s interview was also featured among several other radio stations Germany-wide, such as BR, WDR, SWR, HR and others.