Lindro - Next Generation EU: between frugal countries and a rising EU budget

In an interview with Italian newspaper Lindro, Policy Fellow Thu Nguyen emphazises the importance of the Merkel-Macron Recovery Fund as an important step for the future of the EU.  

The Merkel-Macron proposal regarding the Recovery Fund is a major political signal. By proposing that the EU issues joint debts and redistribute them as grants to the member states, France and Germany have made an important step for the future of the EU, says Thu Nguyen in an interview with Italian newspaper Lindro. She states that this is also an important signal regarding the financial burden sharing during the crisis. However a discussion will be necessary as to how to proceed with this impetus after the crisis and of course, the implementation of the proposal also depends on the agreement by the other 25 member states. "I think that the proposal to borrow EUR 750 billion on the markets, which would be repaid by EU budgets in the future, and redistribute it in a combination of grants and loans to the Member States, fits well with the Merkel and Macron proposal. If accepted by all Member States, this would be a big step forward.", continues Nguyen.

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Image: CC Annie Spratt, Source: Unsplash