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Les Echos—A German Sorbonne Speech?

In an article in Les Echos, Policy Fellow Yann Wernert discusses Olaf Scholz’ speech at Charles University in Prague, and what this speech means for the future of Europe. 

Although this speech is not exactly a ‘German Sorbonne’ Yann Wernert suggests that it is still quite significant: "Olaf Scholz showed clarity on what the change of era marked by the war in Ukraine means in his view for the EU. After the speech he gave in front of the Bundestag on February 27, it is a second speech that will be a reference point.” Wernert suggests that Scholz’ statement that the Stability Pact should be reformed “without prejudice, without giving lessons, without shifting the blame…is more compatible with that of France, [and] is also a strong message with regard to countries like Greece: Germany will no longer make the same mistakes.”

Read the full article (in French) here.