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In EURACTIV, Deputy Director Nils Redeker discusses the EU Single Market

On the 30th anniversary of the Single Market, Nils Redeker speaks to EURACTIV about the challenges posed by increasing state aid.

As pressure is put on the Single Market from the war in Ukraine and the American Inflation Reduction Act, the Commission has taken a leading role in dishing out state aid. According to Redeker, this increase in state aid has not challenged the level playing field behind the Single Market, “but there is a danger that it will.” He goes on to say that these state aid measures “can only work if this is matched on a European level” to ensure that the Single Market is not distorted by subsidies.

In the article Redeker also briefly discusses the remaining nationally focused economic sectors within the Single market, asserting that “there is still no common labour market” in the EU, and that many professional qualifications are not respected across borders. Therefore, although the Single Market has successfully removed trade barriers for goods, other crucial economic and service sectors remain more nationally focused.

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