Hertie School alumni and researchers among Capital magazine’s “40 under 40” list

The magazine annually awards outstanding thinkers on social, economic, and political challenges.

German business magazine Capital included five members of the Hertie School community in its annual “40 under 40” ranking. The magazine ranks outstanding thinkers of a new generation who tackle pressing social, political or economic challenges, such as climate change or digitalisation. They come from start-ups, civil society organisations, ministries, the private sector, and academia.

Among the 160 outstanding personalities, five Hertie alumni and academic staff are on the list this year:

  • Prof. Lion Hirth
    Assistant Professor of Energy Policy at the Hertie School’s Centre for Sustainability
  • Lucas Guttenberg
    Deputy-Director at the Hertie School’s Jacque Delors Centre
  • Daniel Gyamerah
    Master of Public Policy 2013
    Chairperson Each One Teach One, a civil society organisation advocating for Black people in Germany,
  • Carla Hustedt
    Master of Public Policy 2016
    Lead of Digital Society Unit at Stiftung Mercator
  • Caroline Weimann
    Exectuive Master of Public Administration 2020
    Founder and CEO Join Politics, a civil society organisation fostering young people to become active in politics

Find out more about Capital magazine’s 40 under 40 here (in German).