Heinrich Böll Foundation - Dispute over rule of law mechanism “reveals a blind spot”

There is a lack of political will to strengthen the rule of law in the EU, argues Lucas Guttenberg in an interview with the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

After Hungary and Poland's veto on the next EU budget, the rest of the EU must not "buckle down" and put the rule-of-law mechanism on ice, Piotr Buras and Lucas Guttenberg state in the interview. Nevertheless, a single instrument is not enough to counter attacks on the rule of law in individual EU countries, says Lucas Guttenberg: "In the end, it is not a question of instruments, but one about the political will in the rest of the EU. And at the moment this is not yet sufficiently available ."

Access the full interview (in German) here.

Image: CC Pexels, Source: Pixabay