Podcast EU to go - Fit for 55: United in Climate Neutrality?

The EU wants to become climate neutral with the climate package "Fit for 55". In the twenty-fourth episode of EU to go - Der Podcast für Europapolitik, Thu Nguyen talks to Philipp Jäger about the strengths and weaknesses of the Commission's proposal. 

The consequences of climate change are unmistakable these weeks: In large parts of Europe it is almost 40 degrees, forests are burning and water is becoming scarce. Already last year, the EU Commission presented the climate package "Fit For 55", with which the EU wants to reduce emissions by 55% by 2030 in order to become climate neutral in 2050. Where do we stand now, one year later, with the package? What measures does it include, and will they be enough to limit the climate crisis? How does the climate social fund, which is supposed to make the green energy transition socially just, work? Thu Nguyen talks to Philipp Jäger, expert on European climate and economic policy, about Fit For 55 and the European path to climate neutrality.

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