Euranet Plus - EU needs additional instrument for the corporate sector

In an interview with Euranet Plus, Nils Redeker explains how disparities between member states are likely to increase if no additional instrument for the support of the corporate sector is deployed by the EU.

With the demise of the Commission’s proposal of a Solvency Support Instrument (SSI) to support struggling firms across the EU, „the likelihood that a company in Germany will get all the support it needs is still much higher in the long run than in Italy“ says Nils Redeker. He argues that the economic challenges for the European corporate sector exceed the scope of the recovery instrument and it therefore needs an additional instrument.

In their policy paper  “Taking a closer look: How to improve the design of the Solvency Support Instrument” Nils Redeker and Theresa Küspert had suggested how the SSI could be redesigned to become a powerful tool for the recovery of firms across Europe.

Read the full interview here.

Image: CC Pixabay, Source: Pexels