Der Spiegel – Parliaments should have a say in multi-billion recovery fund

Der Spiegel takes up Lucas Guttenberg and Thu Nguyen's criticism of the lack of parliamentary control over the planned EU recovery fund.

"The approval of tens of billions of euros is not an administrative act, but a momentous political decision. The European Parliament must have a say in this," Lucas Guttenberg criticises the Commission proposal for an EU recovery fund in Der Spiegel. The central instrument of the planned fund does not provide for adequate involvement of the parliaments in the EU. The member states and the Commission alone would hence negotiate the allocation of 310 billion euros. "Legally, it would be possible to give the European Parliament a much stronger role in approving the payments from the recovery fund," Thu Nguyen argues. The two authors therefore call for a stronger involvement of the parliaments in the allocation of the money.

Read the full article (in German) here. 

Image CC Juliana Malta. Source: Unsplash